Common Apps To Avoid Having On Android

Harley Dixon
March 15, 2021 0 Comment

The Android ecosystem first became popular almost a decade ago, with Google pioneering and streamlining the smartphone experience for hundreds of millions of users around the world. One piece of software that has truly skyrocketed in collective popularity is the app, which is fundamentally a computer program designed to be used on a smartphone.

When the Play Store began to pull in more users, it didn’t take long for some great apps to start being developed in their droves. Not only were they helpful for everyday life, but they offered a level of convenience and access to information that was unprecedented in the age of information.

But it also meant that those with less than innocent intentions quickly hopped on the same bandwagon, meaning that there are now countless apps that the average user should try and avoid as much as possible.

Weather Apps

Being able to find out what the weather is at the touch of a finger was a brilliant concept at first. Everyone needs to plan ahead for their day or weekend and having access to what kind of weather that was on the horizon meant that a person never had to be caught in the rain.

But the popularity of the genre of weather apps also made them a target for criminals, and it wasn’t long before the Play Store was overflowing with dodgy weather apps asking for specific phone access that a simple weather app would never need. When choosing a weather app, it’s best to only download one that has a good reputation, or is powered by a well-known company, such as Google.

Social Media Apps

Social media has changed the nature of how we communicate with one another, and smartphones provided the perfect opportunity to take that level of communication and make it mobile. But starting at the beginning of the early 2000s, social media platforms quickly learned just how profitable it was to collect user data and sell targeted ads.

When these same companies created apps for the various devices on the market, they made sure to pack them full of logging and other forms of data collection to try and learn everything they can about their users. Today, most security experts would recommend avoiding all social media apps as much as possible to cut down on how much data they’re collecting, so it’s usually better to instead enjoy online gambling casino games.

Phone Cleaners

Long before Android became the highly refined and automated experience that it is today, it was infamous for the amount of unnecessary data it’s stored over time.

It was widely circulated that these apps would also help improve battery life, and open up more storage on the device. Unfortunately, much like the weather apps, this opened a window for criminals and scammers to sell apps that required way more permissions than is necessary, allowing the app to collect data about the device and its user in droves.