History’s Most Important Programmers

Harley Dixon
August 11, 2020 0 Comment

Much of the technology that we use and love today would not work without the special programming languages that allow us to tell our computers and smartphones what to do. […]

Advanced Tips For Searching The Internet

Harley Dixon
July 22, 2020 0 Comment

The internet is brought to most people in the world thanks to the power of search engines. These are specialised websites and webservers that act as gateways for the user […]

How Elon Musk’s Technology Could Change the World

Harley Dixon
March 23, 2020 0 Comment

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop train concept is just one of the latest ideas conceived by the billionaire entrepreneur and inventor. Musk revealed his proposal for Hyperloop transportation just a few months […]

Bill Gates – A Modern Technology Success

Harley Dixon
February 3, 2020 0 Comment

Bill Gates has been among the top 3 richest people in the world for the past two decades, with Microsoft being one of the largest companies throughout the globe. While […]

Alan Turing: The World’s First Computer

Harley Dixon
January 14, 2020 0 Comment

Considered by many as the father of modern computer science, Alan Turing was a British code-breaker that gained prominence during World War 2 for the invention of the world’s very […]

Not Exclusive: Art and Technology

Harley Dixon
October 28, 2019 0 Comment

For many aficionados, the idea of combining technology with art is anathema. Unfortunately for them, it is becoming increasingly common, which has led some to believe that computers may one […]

Forward-Thinking: Who Was Nikola Tesla?

The name of Nikola Tesla has appeared in news stories, novels, comics, movies, songs, and countless other media. It also is the name of Elon Musk’s company, which is known […]