Females In Tech – The Top Influencers Of 2021

Harley Dixon
November 3, 2021 0 Comment

While technology is continuously expanding and growing, so too are the number of brilliant minds behind this drive – from those creating the software, to those explaining it in relatable ways.

If you’ve only got Elon Musk on your social media watch list then you’re missing out on the plethora of fabulous female technology influencers who are making and sharing inspiring and educational content. Keep reading to discover who you really should add to your social feeds, asap.

1. Marie-Philippe Grill – GirlKnowsTech

Marie-Philippe is a passionate individual who aims to bring awareness to the host of female voices that are generally ignored in the industry. This social media star can be found on a variety of platforms – from YouTube and Instagram to her own blog.

Not only will she cover popular content points such as how to create a daily digital planner to simplify tasks, she also regularly posts international career opportunities. In fact, one of her latest job opportunity posts was about video game careers with Eidos-Montreal, the franchise that brought out Tomb Raider and their newest iteration: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. She regularly interviews influential female tech figures on her blog so definitely check back often.

2. Esteffannie

Estefannie of Esefannie Explains It All is a self-proclaimed imaginer who is an overachiever and all-round incredible human being. Not only does she use her many hobbies to create interesting content for her YouTube channel, she’s also an incredible philanthropist who sent out a ton of 3D printed face shields that she sent to local hospitals around her in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Minor in Mathematics from The University of Houston. Her YouTube game is strong with a mix of programming features, electronics being explored and explained, as well as funny content that showcases her quirky sense of humour. One of her top videos from 2021 is making an instrument that plays music with dogecoin and if you haven’t seen it yet, go do so now! It’s an incredibly cool and completely unique project.

3. Laura Medalia – Codergirl

A proud software engineer from New York City who lives and breathes city life, Laura Medalia, aka Codergirl is a social star on Instagram with over 70 thousand followers. She regularly shares shorts and reels of her reacting or debating various hot topics in the coding space such as her popular ‘Work from couch life’ and ‘Pulling up stack overflow when I start a new project’.

She also shares the odd fashion post since she’s managed to successfully merge her tech and fashion loves by creating a clothing range. While funny memes are her forte, she also shares cool tech-world happenings – from the COVID-19 Global Hackathon and includes things like the latest iOS features. Her blog is a great resource with plenty of cross-disciplinary topics that range from productivity hacks to computer science advice.

Consider stopping by and hanging out in this pretty cool online space where you’re likely to meet likeminded individuals with plenty of creative flair who are also totally tech savvy.