Great Reasons To Ditch Facebook

Harley Dixon
March 9, 2021 0 Comment

When it comes to global social media presence, nothing is quite as big as Facebook. Considered one of the biggest players in the world of Big Tech, Facebook can be found at almost a universal level. With billions of users across the planet, not many other modern technologies have spread as quickly or as widely.

And while Facebook was initially a great idea, it didn’t take long for the social media platform to start falling under scrutiny. In fact, Facebook has been linked to a number of notable events, many of which have been viewed negatively by both the public and governments. For those that have been on the fence about deleting their Facebook accounts for good, this is why it may be worth it.

It’s a Privacy Nightmare

Privacy has long been an issue when it comes to Big Tech, and while companies like Google have been coming under serious fire in the last few years, none have been nearly as bad as Facebook. With terms and conditions that allow them to essentially rob their users of any and all information, Facebook is nothing short of a true nightmare when it comes to privacy. This is especially true for those that like to detail as much of their lives as possible on the platform.

It’s Linked To Depression

A number of studies have linked the usage of social media with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. One of the reasons for this is the common practice of users posting pictures of small slices of their lives in order to make it seem like they’re doing better than most. This leads to feelings of worthlessness and esteem problems that can cause depression. It’s difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to something like Facebook, and it’s why so many have instead turned to mobile casino Philippines games instead.

Facebook and Data Breaches

Perhaps one of the most well-known data breaches of all time is the Cambridge Analytic data scandal that took place in 2018. This saw the information of millions upon millions of Facebook users being leaked online, and it even led to class action lawsuits.

What most people may not be aware of, however, is that is not the first time that Facebook has been involved in large-scale data leaks. In fact, many consider it one of the least safe online platforms that users can make use of. Anyone wanting to protect their online data and identities are advised to stay away from Facebook wherever possible.