What Users Can Expect From iOS 14

Harley Dixon
June 29, 2020 0 Comment

Apple has recently just dropped the latest update to their popular iPhone operating system, iOS. The newest version, iOS14, is being hailed by many for its long overdue features, some of which have been inspired by Android, others completely unique to Apple’s down design department.

Apple has also been praised for offering the new update to their iPhones that date back a number of years, meaning support for older phones is possible, where companies like Google have been criticized for not offering long-term Android support. Regardless, these are some of the latest features in the new iOS14.

Brand New Widgets

Home screen widgets have long been a feature in Android, and Apple has caught a lot of criticism for not implementing a similar feature. Widgets are small applets that are added to the home screen, and often work as shortcuts and simple controls for apps on the phone.

Android users will be extremely familiar with widgets, as they have been part of the Android ecosystem for almost a decade and have been refined to near perfect levels. Apple’s implementation of widgets must, however, be commended, as they were able to both make the widgets fit in well with their new operating system, while keeping them simple and functional. Widgets might be enough to move some users over from Android, without them missing too many original features.

New Apps Manager

Another gripe for Apple fans has been the lack of a complete apps library, a singular place for easy and convenient access to all of the apps on the phone. Apple has done this by adding a new page on the home screen that can be opened and manipulated according to what the user wants.

Apple’s system will automatically put the apps into groups, similarly to how Android does it, making it easier to access ausbet.net.au and other apps . It’s a useful and convenient system that provides quicker access to the phone’s apps, and it’s a welcomed addition to the new iOS.

Siri’s Improvements

While Siri’s functionality has remained much the same, the assistant has been given a number of improvements to better the user experience. Siri will now appear at the bottom of the screen instead of automatically going full screen, and results for any questions that are asked will now appear near to the top of the phone.

Asking about the weather or other similar questions will have a notification drop down and display the required information. On top of this, Siri is now also able to fully support audio messaging, meaning that the user can tell Siri to begin recording a message, and then sending it off. Dictation will also be rendered directly on the device itself, rather being sent through to the cloud for processing.

Car Remotes

Digital car keys might just replace the keys at we have now, allowing us to unlock our car using our smartphones, and iOS 14 is already trying to put this technology into action.

At the moment, it only works with the latest BMW 5 Series, but it’s expected that more and more vehicles will be compatible in the future.