Understanding the Concept of Machine Learning

Harley Dixon
August 10, 2021 0 Comment

In a world of rapidly evolving technologies, a solution is needed to keep up with it all. This is where machine learning comes in. To start with, it is a form of artificial intelligence, which already creates a perception of learning and smart technology. This then goes a step further and looks to automate business processes that follow a consistent methodology and is easily replicated. Every time the task or process is completed, the system can pick up on patterns and behaviours and react to them accordingly. It is also able to predict certain outcomes and is rapidly becoming a business-standard.

While this process is innovative and ensures efficiency, it does not happen overnight. Machine learning, as with most forms of learning, takes time to master and involves a continuous learning process to ensure that these systems can deliver on business expectations. However, once the initial setup has been completed, you will very quickly reap the rewards of this autonomous system.

How Does the Process Work?

The entire concept of machine learning works off algorithms, which can easily be viewed as the roadmap for the system. This roadmap will guide certain system processes and identify existing patterns and behaviour. In turn, it will be able to predict the outcome of certain occurrences. For this to be as accurate as possible, the algorithm used will need to have as much detail as possible.

It is worth highlighting the fact that these systems do not spontaneously start working, humans need to develop and implement these algorithms that will guide everything that the system is able to do. The initial data will provide a starting point for the system to start learning and grow. The early stages may require human intervention to ensure that everything is running smoothly, but as the system matures, the need for intervention will become less and less. Powering through the teething stages will pay off in leaps and bounds.

Real-World Applications of Machine Learning

A stereotype worth mentioning is that machine learning involves complex and bulky systems – it doesn’t. Think of Alexa or Siri. These virtual assistants can simplify so many aspects of our lives through their suggestions and services, but how do they do it? Simple, they learn based on your actions. They learn through machine learning. As a result, you are able to listen to curated playlists and find restaurants that serve your favourite dishes without having to lift a finger.

Another everyday example of machine learning is the security software on our devices where we enjoy everything from the best pokies games New Zealand has to offer to watching movies. They are programmed to look out for certain things and act accordingly. Additionally, they are also able to identify potential new threats and alert the user to them. Everything happens without the need for human intervention, giving you more time to focus on more important matters.

These examples are merely the drop in an ocean of potential, and as this technology continues to grow, we can expect to find more and more aspects of our lives taking on a digital form.