The Best New Gadgets Out This Year

Harley Dixon
October 7, 2019 0 Comment

We’re already heading into 2020, but there are plenty of interesting and innovative gadgets that have only recently hit the market. These are gadgets designed to provide users with convenience and practicality while also providing modern aesthetics, and are all worth checking out.

Ember Temperature Control Mug

This mug is a godsend for people who can’t work without morning coffee, as in the majority of the population. All it does is use internal heating technology to keep your drink warm for about an hour. It can keep coffee at the ideal temperature (all operated via a Bluetooth-connected app) without frequent microwave trips. Although Ember introduced these cups a few years ago, the 400 millilitre version is new to 2019 and the perfect addition to anyone’s morning routine.

Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

This year, Bose introduced an audio product that fused two things that you dearly love into one: trendy sunglasses and wireless earbuds. When you put a pair of these Bose Frames on during a sunny day spent outdoors, the frames will play music for your ears exclusively, downloaded from your phone via a Bluetooth connection. We guarantee that nobody else can hear your music playing.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

Take a look at these customizable Nanoleaf light panels for a futuristic style of home decor. Connect a string to whatever design you want on your wall, and then control it from the app. Like the modes, the colour options are vast— set the light panels to respond to your music playlist, help with your focus, or mimic a rising morning sun to wake you up. You can buy triangular panels now, but Nanoleaf also adds hexagonal panels if you wait until the end of the year.

Samsung 55’’ The Frame QLED Smart UHD TV

Samsung has modified its 2019 QLED performance Frame TV. The Frame shows high-def paintings and photos when you’re not watching TV so that wall space is not wasted. It’s certainly a sophisticated take on an experience of watching 4 K TV.

Samsung has also revamped its QLED 8 K range this year to include 65-, 75-, and 82-inch displays that you can now shop if you have a bundle of cash to blast. The TV comes with just about every input imaginable, meaning it’s possible to watch movies, play slots NZ, or enjoy video games from a selection of modern consoles.

Lenovo Smart Clock

In the house, from Facebook Portals and Amazon Echos and Google Hubs, we are no strangers to digital displays. The elegance of the new Smart Clock from Lenovo is its simplicity. It’s not designed for video conferencing or streaming TV, but it’s going to cover all the bedside bases: it tells times, charges phones, and gently wakes you up with a clock face that brightens slowly before your alarm begins. You could tell it to do a lot more by linking it to Google Assistant. Small and stylish, it’s an unobtrusive and supportive addition to have on a bedside table.