New Tech Innovations Of The Future

Harley Dixon
March 2, 2020 0 Comment

Speculating where technology will go from here is an interesting prospect. After all, the smartphones of today were pretty beyond the imaginations of those who lived just a decade or two ago. But we can still get a pretty good idea of where the bright minds are going by doing a bit of research. Here are some of the more interesting new devices that are already making waves, and may just evolve into something truly incredible further down the line.

Though keep in mind, the devices we’re mentioning are already available right now.

Drone X

There is hardly a person alive these days that hasn’t taken a selfie, despite how insufferably lame some claim to think it is. Drones are also catching on quickly, although they tend to not have much of a purpose beyond simply flying them around. So, why not tackle the selfie situation with a highly advanced, specialised drone?

Drone X is the little flying machine of the future, with a longer battery life, accompanying futuristic controller, is so small it can practically fit in your pocket, and yes, it can also take your photo for you. Drones are fast becoming one of the favoured hobbies of many, and the Drone X aims to take things to the next level.


So, your PC or laptop is getting a little long in the tooth. It takes forever to get anything done, and even a task as simple as visiting online roulette sites for Aussies has become less than easy. Well, this little USB is the magic solution you need, giving your old machine new life simply by inserting it into a free port.

No, it isn’t witchcraft. The USB stick contains a streamlines operating system, which bypasses your resource hungry installed operating system. Yes, it is a solution that comes with some drawbacks, but if you want another year two out of your old PC before an upgrade, this is a pretty great solution.

Eye Tribe

Getting a little more experimental now, but still with tech that has massive potential, the folks at Eye Tribe explored something that you may not have even considered. Imagine controlling technology with just your eyes. Yes, motion controls have been around for a while, but eye tracking removes the need to even use a hand. It is in the early stages at the moment, but future thinkers believe that it may be the way of the future.


Tired of heading to the mechanic, having no idea what’s going on with your car, only to be charged a fortune? Did the mechanic just change the oil? You have no idea. Or at least you had no idea, until right now. FIXD is a small, compact device that fits into a vehicle diagnostics port, and gives you a detailed report on everything that’s going on. It’s an amazing little computer, and works with a number of car models, including those that date back to the mid-1990s. Why this hasn’t been around sooner is anyone’s guess, but it certainly takes the guess work out of owning a vehicle.