Top Project Ideas For A Raspberry Pi

Harley Dixon
June 7, 2021 0 Comment

For those that may not be aware, the Raspberry Pi is a small computer that’s usually classified as a Single Board Computer, or SBC. Essentially, it’s an entire computer that’s set on a single circuit board, complete with processor, RAM, and different I/O ports.

It’s an extremely versatile device that can be used for an almost limitless range of various projects, both for personal and commercial reasons. For those that are wondering what they can do with a new Raspberry Pi, these are some of the most common projects to get started with.

Simple Home Server

More and more people are turning to home servers for their storage and media needs, and while it’s possible to set up a full server rack for this purpose, it makes more sense to instead opt for a a Pi. The latest Pi comes with 8GB of RAM and a quad-core processor, making it perfect for running a simple server at home.

And while it’s common to use a micro-SD card for storage, modern iterations of the Pi’s native operating system allow for SSD storage instead, meaning much higher storage space and much better speeds.

Home Camera

With Raspberry Pi foundation recently released an official camera lens plug-in for the Pi, which easily fits into one of the Pi’s many onboard slots. While it doesn’t offer DSLR camera quality, it does provide a great means of setting up a home-based camera to keep watch of everything while the owner is at work or shopping.

It’s relatively cheap to get a hold of, and thanks to extensive documentation online, even those that aren’t particularly tech-savvy can get their home camera up and running in no time.

Retro Gaming

It can be difficult to find a retro gaming console that’s in good condition, and even harder still to acquire a decent range of games. This is where the Raspberry Pi comes to the rescue.

It’s easy enough to find retro gaming operating systems online for free, which can be loaded up onto the Pi and used much like a console, with full controller support. Finding the games can be more difficult, and it usually requires a bit of digging around on the internet.

Home Desktop

Not long ago, the Raspberry Pi released a custom keyboard and mouse designed to work with the Pi, turning it into a fully-fledged desktop, perfect for office work, media, or even enjoying online casino Dubai games.

It comes with all the features a desktop user would need to get full use out of a computer, including a case for the Pi itself. The only piece of equipment that a user would need to get their hands on is a monitor, which can easily be bough second hand for a low price.


Ads can be incredibly intrusive and can ruin the browsing experience. One way to get around this is by setting up a Pi-hole, which is a raspberry Pi with special ad-blocking software installed.

It can block ads to any devices in the house, meaning that it won’t be necessary to install ad-blocking software on every device.