Top Tech For Working Remotely

Harley Dixon
May 4, 2020 0 Comment

2020 is the year in which working remotely has become a reality for millions of people who probably never thought they would be doing it. One of the good things about the timing is that there is plenty of tech available to support that.

The best tech for working remotely in 2020 goes beyond video conferencing. It also includes things like project management tools, business apps, and cloud computing.

Video Conferencing Tools

Conference calls by telephone are a thing of the distant past, thanks to the readily available video conferencing tools. There is no staring at a speakerphone while a faceless voice drones on and on. Instead, options such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime offer face-to-face interaction.

Not all video calling tools offer the same experience. Some are better suited to one-on-one calls, while those such as Zoom give conference hosts a decent amount of control over proceedings. If need be, the host can mute participants if background noise in their location creates a disturbance or distraction.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can help your company create a shared office space on the worldwide web. There are several benefits to using it.

For starters, it’s convenient. Employees can access the cloud using a laptop, a desktop, or a mobile device. It’s also cost-effective, as it does not require investing in specialised or expensive equipment. Another benefit of cloud computing is its scalability. Services relevant to a company can be added to the cloud, and those that are not needed can be removed. It allows for quick and easy workflow – and when people are done with their work, they can log out and enjoy NZ bingo games online.

Project Management Tools

Project management tools ideal for remote working are ideal for teamwork, as they enable collaboration as well as communication. Asana is one such tool. It’s cloud-based, and it lets the project manager divide projects into various tasks and to assign those tasks to others on the team.

When I Work is another tool that can help project managers, and it is particularly useful if project managers are paying employees hourly. The tool can be used to assign jobs to employees, and it can be used to track the time they spend working. It’s like an old-fashioned clock-in system on steroids.

Tools For Messaging

Whether managers need the digital equivalent of a bulletin board for important notices, or a watercooler for those little social encounters, there is tech that provides a near-perfect solution. Plain old email doesn’t cut it anymore, but a solution such as Slack takes it a step further. The platform is something of an email-instant messaging hybrid.

If a company needs a tool that is closer to a noticeboard, the app Trello can be particularly helpful. It also can be a digital equivalent to a To-Do list. GroupMe is a messaging platform that offers a convenient solution for sharing photos and videos. Snapchat is a great tool for encouraging social interactions between employees. It can be a bit like those casual conversations around the watercooler or coffee machine – and it even has filters.