Top Smart Technology For The Kitchen

Harley Dixon
October 28, 2019 0 Comment

Terrible cooks, the domestically challenged, and anyone looking for a more efficient way of life appreciate that kitchens are becoming smarter. The traditional heart of the home has become a pre-apocalyptic tech hub in which fridges are communication centres and gadgets brew beer.

Most of the kitchen tech out in 2019 builds on foundations that, in some cases, were laid decades ago. This is the best of it.

Smart Ovens

Smart devices such the Brava Oven and the Tovala Steam Oven can connect to users’ mobile devices via an app. The first model has a handy range of cooking presets, while its app also includes a collection of recipes. The second model offers cooking methods such as baking, grilling, and steaming. Users can control it via the app.

Smart Scales

Before using their smart ovens, cooks and bakers can use a smart scale such as the Perfect Bake Pro to measure out the correct quantities of ingredients. The scale can connect with mobile phones via an app, which also includes a collection of recipes. The scale can monitor the mixing bowl and it can offer hints and tips in real time.

Smart Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers have been staple equipment in kitchens around the world for decades. New models such as those manufactured by Instant Pot change the game. Old-model cookers saw users put on the lids and then wait for the required number of whistles from the valve. New generation devices are programmable, and they can cook a wide range of dishes in significantly less time than traditional methods. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy playing Blackjack in a real online casino.

Voice-Controlled Microwave Ovens

App-controlled microwave ovens are not new, but some companies such as Amazon have taken them a step further. Models such as the retailer’s AmazonBasics Microwave can be controlled using voice commands. In the case of this particular 700-watt microwave, it works with Alexa, although users will need an Echo device to use it.

Immersion Circulators For Sous Vide

Sous vide is a trendy cooking technique that requires ingredients to be vacuum packed before being immersed in a pot of water kept at a constant temperature. It may seem like a bit of effort, but with the right equipment, doing it at home is easy. One of those pieces of equipment is an immersion circulator. Different models are available, and most are placed on the side of the pot or other container. They are easy to use, and they heat water to an exact temperature, which is exactly what is needed for the technique that results in moist, perfectly cooked food.

Beer Makers

Until the launch of machines such as the PicoBrew, homebrewing beer was a messy, time-consuming process that was not guaranteed to work. The beer-making machine has changed that. It requires little more than barley, hops, yeast, and water, which it turns into five litres of beer. The manufacturer also released its PicoStill, which is an attachment that allows the machine to distil spirits.