Best Wearable Tech Available Now

Harley Dixon
June 2, 2020 0 Comment

Wearable technology has had a rocky road. The first wave didn’t exactly deliver what most had anticipated, with devices like Google Glass turning out to be extremely underwhelming. But since then, the industry has made enormous leaps and bounds. The days of prototype are over, and the days of really cool gadgets are here.

Today smartwatches, wireless earbuds, and much are rapidly becoming essential devices. They may still be considered somewhat niche, depending on who you ask, but there is still no denying that they are extremely impressive.

Take a look at some of the most impressive wearable technology items that are mostly available right now. The Volvorii range is still in development.


It really was only a matter of time before someone got the idea of mixing technology and jewellery. The Ringly collection does exactly that, and to call it breath-taking is an understatement. Why walk around with a bulky smartwatch when you can get a stylish, stunning ring that does the same? Yes, these are fashionable rings that vibrate and even glow to inform the wearer that there is activity on their phone.

Ringly also has a Cuff section, which provides the same technology, but in the form of impressive wrist cuffs. It need not be said that both Ringly and Cuff devices aren’t exactly cheap, but they are also stunningly beautiful, and exceptionally stylish. Though they do have their downsides, the biggest being that they have no screen.

Fitbit By Tory Burch

Sticking with the theme of wearable technology combined with jewellery, we have the Fitbit by Tory Burch collection. These items are also incredibly stylish, appearing as high quality jewellery items. But, as you surely guessed, offer many the same wonders as ordinary Fitbits. The available devices include a stylish bracelet, and a beautiful silver pendant. Though, once again, don’t expect them to be cheap.


Why this technology isn’t more mainstream is anyone’s guess, because it is downright incredible. The Volvorii range of ‘smart’ fashion is simply jaw dropping, and really does push the idea that we are living in a science fiction future. Fancy a pair of shoes that changes colours, and even adopts fashionable patterns, via an interactive phone app? It exists, and really is a sight to behold.

The same amazing tech has been applied to handbags, glasses, and the exterior of cars. Got bored of your handbag design? Just whip out your phone that you also use to enjoy political betting in Australia, tap a few buttons like when you’re playing online, and you have a new design in seconds.

Though, as far as being available right goes, Volvorii is still in development, which is a damn shame. But, the technology is fully functional, and can be seen working in a number of promotional videos. Hopes are that the items will become available in the mainstream in the near future. Because, let’s be honest, a colour changing car is something that just needs to exist.