Why Chromebooks Are A Good Investment

Harley Dixon
October 5, 2020 0 Comment

We’ve all heard of Chrome, the PC and mobile browser that’s offered by Google, which also happens to be the most popular browser in the world. But it doesn’t just end with a simple browser, as there’s an entire operating system designed around the principles of Chrome: to offers a single, unified experience where users have access to all of the tools and data that they need. This extends to Chromebooks, which use a special kind of operating system known as Chrome OS.

For those that are wondering what kind of new Windows laptop to buy, first have a look at why it might actually be a better idea to instead opt for a Chromebook.

The Price

The idea of a Chromebook is to provide a simple device that’s able to perform a wide range of functions. For this reason, Chromebooks tend to have much lower hardware specs than most Windows laptops, because Chrome OS does not demand nearly as many resources as an OS like Windows. T His means that Chromebooks are also significantly cheaper than their main competitors, often by hundreds of dollars. They’re the perfect choice for someone that uses the Google ecosystem to get all of their work done.

The Speed

Despite the lower hardware specs, Chromebooks tend to be a lot faster than Windows machines in general. Where it might take a modern Windows laptop up to a minute to start up, a Chromebook can do it in a matter of seconds. Chrome OS. is extremely efficient when it comes to the hardware resources at hand, and this equates to a much smoother, faster experience, whether it’s for work or for browsing New Zealand onlineroulette.net.nz/nzd/ sites. On top of this, Google regularly updates Chrome OS., so users will always have access to the latest software, which will in turn ensure their device remains as snappy as when they first bought it.

The Security

Windows has become the number one targeted operating system in the world in terms of malware, mainly because it’s the most popular OS across the globe right now. And although Windows does have some defences baked in, almost all malware is specifically designed to attack a Windows system Chrome OS. is different in that it works in virtual instances – every program, whether it’s a browser or a word processor is opened in its own instance, and if malware does somehow find its way into that instance, it generally can’t affect the rest of the system. On top of that and as mentioned above, Google keeps Chrome OS updated regularly, which usually includes security updates. Google is known for having some of the best security in the tech world, and this applies to Chrome OS., which is one of the most secure operating systems around.

The Downsides

Chromebooks are not perfect, however, and it’s important that a potential buyer know about the cons before making a purchase. Arguably the biggest problem is not having an internet connection. While Chromebooks can be turned on and used without an internet connection, their functionality is limited to the point where they aren’t much help, so a high speed internet connection is necessary.