A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing A Modern Operating System

Harley Dixon
September 28, 2020 0 Comment

In today’s world of modern technology, much of how we interact with that technology is done through the use of operating systems. An operating system, very commonly known as an […]

The Best Cloud Storage For Average Users

Harley Dixon
September 21, 2020 0 Comment

Cloud storage has become all the rage in the last few years as the internet has become more reliable and much faster. Millions of people around the world are abandoning […]

The Flip Phone Comeback

Harley Dixon
September 14, 2020 0 Comment

The flip phone has made a bit of a comeback, but not in the way you’d expect. Touchscreen smartphones are now available in foldable form. Big manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei […]

What The Big Deal About Microsoft Office 365?

The world as we know it has turned upside down and, only now, we finally are getting some semblance of normality again. However, what has gone back to ‘normal’ is […]

How Cloud Computing Has Changed The World

Harley Dixon
August 31, 2020 0 Comment

The world is more connected than ever. Our computers talk to our phones, which talk to our watches and our fridges, alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and each other. We’re very […]

The Work From Home Tech You Can’t Do Without

Harley Dixon
August 25, 2020 0 Comment

The notion of ‘telecommuting has been around for quite a while. In actual fact, some job seekers actually rate this as one of the main perks that they look for […]

A Simple Guide To Beefing Up Your Online Security

Harley Dixon
August 17, 2020 0 Comment

Today’s technology has totally changed our lives in more ways than we could ever have imagined, and while there’s no denying that having access to the online world has been […]

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Technology Which Is Taking The World By Storm

Harley Dixon
July 27, 2020 0 Comment

In the world today, there have been four industrial revolutions so far. According to the World Economic Forum:

What Users Can Expect From iOS 14

Harley Dixon
June 29, 2020 0 Comment

Apple has recently just dropped the latest update to their popular iPhone operating system, iOS. The newest version, iOS14, is being hailed by many for its long overdue features, some […]

5G And How It Works

Harley Dixon
June 22, 2020 0 Comment

There’s currently a lot of both excitement and fear going around in terms of the instalment of the latest mobile technology: 5G. Much like its predecessors, 5G is an incredible […]